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The Champion’s Retreat

Where conversation, and space to think, feed the mind.

May 15 – 16, 2020, Central England, United Kingdom

About The Champion’s Retreat.

Every successful business leader is under pressure to deliver results, to lead, to succeed, personally and at work.

Business leaders tell us that to manage that pressure they seek safety by immersing themselves into the day-to-day activities of running the business, yet they worry that choosing this “safe” route will lead to stagnation.

We asked those same successful leaders what they do to avoid stagnation. Their answer; seek insight from outside the day to day sphere, drawn from the skills and experience of others. Finding a trusted source for valuable insight is rare but, despite the difficulties, it is a necessary responsibility and a hugely valuable one.

It’s why the most successful and the busiest business leaders find a retreat can be a fabulous way to pop the bubble that constricts them. It delivers purposeful time to explore, test and plan with insightful peers, making the most of deliberate, facilitated, time to work on their business so they can utilise the experiences of fellow business leaders to meet their own results.

Setting your direction

with clarity


Goals are not enough. 

You will have the time to properly consider your ideas, to have the opportunity to discuss them with other high-performing business leaders and to come away with an action plan


Building your business 

with confidence.


Consistency beats intensity.

We all know that short periods of intensive work can achieve great change. We also know that things can quickly slip back into old habits.

Building a better business means changing habits, getting better every day, consistently. 

Finding your future

in an uncertain world.


Unlocking sustainable profits.

The focus is the vital aspect of preparing for the future we don’t yet know and in a deeper way than can possibly be considered at a desk.


Featured Facilitators & Speakers

William Buist works strategically with established owner-led businesses to amplify and magnify their impact to unlock sustainable profits and avoid costly mistakes.

Stephen Harvard Davis’ research into and work with restructured teams has enabled him to identify the key areas that deliver team success and productivity improvement.

William and Stephen have combined their complimentary experience and expertise to create powerful and relevant content to the Certain Futures retreat that develop and actions that allow business leaders to focus on success for the future

William Buist


Stephen Harvard-Davis


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There are just 12 places available and once they are gone there won’t be another chance to attend an event like this until 2021. 

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